Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!

We celebrated father's day and had a big feast just now.
福州羹 药材纸包鸡 麦片苏东 娘惹尼罗红 砂煲芋头排骨 招牌琵琶豆腐
Haha We ate a lot! I like the food very much!

I took a photo of myself sneakily when we were waiting for the food.Heehee...
Hais. Another unfruitful day again!
I got some calls from companies but it failed cuz I'm not SPR or Singaporean.
Suddenly I feel that my life sucks to the max!

Ariel, smile smile and smileee!!
I can only keep working hard on looking for part time/temp/perm job~

Happy Father's Day! I Love You Daddy<3<3<3


Chocolynne said...

u permed ur hair? it looks good this way...

cH33_m31 said...

haha I didn't perm my hair! I just cut! =P

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