Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Cranky Me


Sometimes I really envy others
Although many things can not be compared
But recently there have been a very strong feeling
I wish I could like a normal person
But not everything can be arbitrary
Must think of the consequences and also many, many concerns

Do not know if I'm too sensitive
Do not know whether it is the little things
I think I can easily upset recently
Maybe I compare the present and past
In fact, it seems no big thing
But always felt something was lacking

Entered the work phase
Lifestyle has changed
Everyone has their own busy
We must always work until we grow old
Now grown up
I feel the world has changed

When a person becomes busy
He/She will become bad-tempered
Is that true?
I only know that when I busy
I feel depressed
I feel not enough time
There are many things that endless

There are many things to do
No time to think so much
I can only tell myself constantly
Efforts should be made continuously
I must focus on career
And plan for the future

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


好累啊 上班的日子真是辛苦啊

同事们都很亲切 到目前为止 都相处得很愉快
下个星期一有烧烤会 呵呵

好好表现 要努力 要加油


现在呢 每天回到家就什么都不想做了
太累了 出去玩的时间都没有
有时候还教补习 和兼职tuition coordinator

这是我的第一份事业 我要努力

Saturday, August 20, 2011



有时很气自己 为什么不敢骂人
我也没有骂她 不知道如何回应
唉 为什么我最近这么倒霉


我真的很努力 很努力地在找工作
现在兼职多份工作 好累 生病了
有时候想 为什么我不出生在一个有钱人的家?
可是 很多事情都是注定的

吃苦 我感觉到了
现在也不能在家煮了 因为朋友说主要是因为我们煮东西让电费增加了
好无奈 我决定了
以后就吃面包就好了 任何不需要用电的方法

没钱 就只好忍了

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tuition Assignments (6 Aug - 14 Aug 2011)

P4 English@Kovan Road (Female Tutors preferred)

Ticket Code: S-01463

Tutor requirements: Prefer a female teacher, age below 40yrs old chinese. She must be specialise in English with experience. Dont mind a full time tutor with good qualification, must possess good spoken English and able to teach creative writing a must.

State your experience and qualification in your reply/profile.

Tuition Address: 31 Kovan Road

Student's School : CHIJ - Our lady of Nativity

Sessions Per Week: Once x 1.5h

Available Days / Time: tue 3pm to 6.30pm the latest to start, tutors to state yours

Budget Per Hour: $35 onwards, tutors to quote

Subjects: Pri 4 English

Sec 3 Chinese@ Upper Serangoon View (Female Tutors)

Ticket Code: S-01455

Tutor requirements: Female, bilingual-able to explain in English if necessary, some experiences in teaching Chinese.

Tuition Address: 18 upper serangoon view

Sessions Per Week: 1x2h

Available Days / Time: tue 7pm, sun 3pm

Budget Per Hour: $30

Interested applicants please sms me at 91877842! ^__^


Tuesday, August 9, 2011


最近爱上这个Application! 我喜欢它的effect!

Monday, August 1, 2011

How to go through this stressful period?

Today is a sucky day to me!
I was so dumb!
How could I take bus from opposite direction to Toa Pah Yoh
then I have to take the same bus again from Toa Pah Yoh and back to my house in Jurong East!
I wasted 3 hours for the bus journey! 3 hours! I can go to KL already!

Then this morning I went for interview
When I wanted to go bk home, I walked to the back of the company
I tot there was a bus stop with shorter distance
BUT ended up i spent half an hour to walk back to the same bus stop!
AND i was walking under freaking hot sun!
I was sweaty and frustrated!

Hais! I'm unlucky recently!
Why ler? I also duno!
I really think that I shud get an Iphone
It's damn useful especially for me this kind of blur queen who dun have sense of direction!
If I have Iphone, i can check where I am and where is the nearest bus stop/MRT etc.
I can check whether I am walking on the right path too.
AND I can play some games when I am waiting or whatever.
BUT MONEY is the main issue!
I still have to earn money and save it for buying an Iphone...
and also paying the debts

On the way from Toa Pah Yoh back to my house,
I had a deep thought.
SIGH... Maybe I am good in hiding my inner feelings?
Otherwise how come most of the time ppl cannot tell how depress I am
Well There are always some friends and family concern about me
I am grateful and also have some lucks as I have such a wonderful family

Family become my mentally support.
Sometimes I really feel like giving up
Give up every thing, give up myself and even my life
But whenever come across these issues,
I would think of my lovely family.
After that I'll have motivation to move on

Most of my friends have found their jobs
They all started to busy with their career life
What am I doing? Why I'm still jobless?
I finally understand why there is someone told me he also went through this kind of tough period and it's good when there is another person accompany him went through it and he was seriously appreciate it

Well sometimes I might have some wild thinking
but it just crossed my mind for a few seconds
cuz I know it's wrong to do that
I admit I really need money urgently!
But I'm glad that I'm still rational

Hais I hate thinking and troubling over the same issue everyday
It's tiring!
However I could only say good luck to myself once again

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