Thursday, March 31, 2011



That's what I felt.

JJ 林俊傑 - 安靜


It's different way of singing with Jay Chou's Version.

林俊傑 她說+翅膀+江南@你猜你猜你猜猜猜


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

音樂萬萬歲 20110109 林俊傑 背對背擁抱 她說


Omo.... My heart has melted... How how how??
I couldn't sleep tonight! <3 JJ

20100626 林俊傑 - 失落沙洲+拋物線+外面的世界+太陽+掉了


<3 JJ's voice soooooooo muchhhhhhhh!!!
hmm... Ya, I feel like to shed tears now =(

Monday, March 28, 2011

Stop to be a thinker!


Aikss... Am I thinking too much?
Ya, I agree that woman is a thinker.
I don't know what the hell am I doing recently.
Sense of security? Worrying to be the foolish one?
Or all of the things are just a dream?
I don't know. Let the fate decides my path.
I should think before I saying anything.
Aikss.. I feel embarrassed of myself.
I should not have that thought.
What the hell am I looking and hoping for?
What the hell am I thinking?
Let nature takes its course.
Ariel, U must study hard for your last semester!
1 more month to my first paper.
Stressed!! I must go to library to study from tmrw onwards!
And stop to be a thinker!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Did I make the right decision?


Finally, I have made the decision which I should make it earlier.
I do not know whether such decision is good for both of us
But I can be sure that
we will definitely can't even be friends anymore
if I drag it even longer
I thought I will always be the one who love him more than he does
I thought he will always be the one
who decide whether our r/s can carry on
But I was wrong
Sometimes, a person will get tired after sacrificed
and done too much for a r/s
Both of us had changed a lot for each other
I will thank him...
If not him, there won't be such a better me writing my thoughts here
If not him, I would never knew
what is so-called to be considerate and mature
I'll never regret to be together with him =)
Well, I still not sure whether we will patch up in the future
Cuz I believe nothing is predictable
I would never knew I will end up being together with whom
But I must get used to a single life
I do not worry that I have to be independent
I just worry I will be lonely
I must learn how not to be lonely while being alone =)
I don't know whether I made the right decision
or doing the right thing
Well, I hope I could find my way back to a normal life
I want to be happy and blessful
Friends, yes, thanks goodness that I possess u all in my life
Thanks for being there whenever I down
or encountered any setbacks
I'll cherish u all more than I did each time
Love u all <3
I wish I could graduate smoothly this semester
No regrets anymore in my life!
Aikss... I must study hard
Pupu, u also must jiayou k?
Hmm... focus more on your career first
Put aside all other personal affairs
I hope I can do the same too
We jiayou together^_^
Keep in touch!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This is the only thing I can do for you


You are right.
If I repeat the same mistake, I'll be the foolish pig.

Life is getting sucker...
Well, I'm not gonna make any more regrets in my life.
I need time to think what gives me the best.
"Sorry" is the only word I can say.
Any decision I make would hurt anyone.
That's why I do not want to make a decision that
make myself regret and hurt others.
Those memories u gave were wonderful
and I am not gonna to forget any part of it.
Time heals and proves everything.
Making love out of nothing at all.
The only thing I can do for you is to reduce the pain you suffer to the minimum.
I do not deserve anything, seriously, I feel myself sucks.
I was too selfish.
I want the full moon, shining stars and relaxing sea appear to me right now.
That's all what I am thinking now.
Be brave, be strong, be happy.

Monday, March 14, 2011

NO77 2011 - C-tube_ JabbaCockees.mp4


Thursday, March 3, 2011

I don't know what the hell am I doing

这个学期特别懒惰 也特别爱玩

一直定不下来做事情 脑海一直不断地想做别的事 无法专心读书
好怕会毕不了业 真的

最近也发生了一些事情 让我也在质疑自己
也许朋友说得对 自己做的时候觉得没什么

加油吧 暂时别去理这些事情了
I should behave myself
人生只有那么一次 不能让自己后悔
读书时间到!! Focus!!!

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