Thursday, October 27, 2011

I hate to be an adult


I hate getting the lives of adults, I became more and more resistant to the lives of adults

Perhaps someone right, working life is so terrible

If we are busy every day and even no time to send messages to each other...

Even a message of "Have you eaten?" also got no time to send then our life is how horrible

We are like robots, our lives are controlled by work and money

No passion, no time to love, not even have our own private spaces

We lose that impulse to want to embrace the lover

Get up to go to work every day and then go home after work done

Doing our own thing and then sleep, repeating the same life every day...

Sometimes I wonder what is the reason people live? what is the meaning of living?

For an example, when the other party suddenly issued the invitation of dating to me

I will feel happy over this trivial matter and then immediately prepare everything for the short date

But the next second I saw his message that he got appointment with clients suddenly

I instantly felt disappointed and upset...

But I know as his partner, I should be understanding, be more mature too

It's just that his working hour is TOO flexible and abnormal

This is the adult's life

BUT I prefer to be a child

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Penny for My Thoughts

I feel myself sooooooo useless
I did try my best!
But the life here is damn stressed!
I must survive!

Others are soooo busy..busy busy busy everyday
I feel my life lack of something
but I can't think of it when I am jobless right?
can't! can't request so much!

Must be I got plenty of time
so my thinking starts to run wild

Well people, you are right.
I feel bored when I were alone
Aren't you the same?

I don't like to tell... to say out
Cuz if I do this, I feel myself repeat the kid's behavior again
again again and again...
I did it twice in front of him ady
no more, pls! No more!

Hais I can stay focus.. Will I?
I can be strong... Can I?

Well I hope I can be firm.
But guys, I know that...
Guys tend to request their gals to be more understanding...improve themselves...this and that
Well I remember I told someone about it before...
"I can become the person you hope for..I can give u plenty of time,can ignore you,can feel nothing when you don't have time to accompany me.. But that will be the day when I'm not longer loving you...Then I can do it naturally without making myself suffer and endure..."

In the meanwhile, I can improve myself..
Nope! It's..I MUST improve myself.
No one can guarantee what will happen in the future...

A reminder for myself: Don't fall in love with someone DEEPLY before he/she loves you. Commit it when he/she ready to marry you.

Monday, October 10, 2011


办公室工作的地方 与想象的差太大了
我 算是倒霉的那个吗?

学到很多 也看到很多所有人的本性
昨晚一整夜都睡不着 没睡好

有钱就可以欺负人 这个世界真现实
我只能忍 因为上司会不给我薪水
现在让我走 又要把合约改


Thursday, October 6, 2011

6 things to think about before entering a relationship

I just saw a meaningful article, share with you all here:

When you click with someone and think to yourself that maybe this person could be different from the others you have met on dates, you most likely want to take things further and let it develop into a relationship. Whether you have been single for a short time or for as long as you can remember, there are some things you should ask yourself before getting into a relationship to make sure that it works out. Here are some pre-relationship questions for you to think about.

Ask yourself whether you are really ready for a relationship. If you have just come out of a difficult relationship, you're likely to have a lot of emotional baggage which you need to deal with beforehand. Similarly you don't want to get into a relationship for the sake of it because you're bored of being single or because you want to make someone jealous.

Ask yourself whether you really know the person. Yes, you may have learnt a lot about them from going on dates together, but you need to go a little deeper; find out who they really are. Find out whether they are compatible, or whether friends know them. The last thing you want is to get into a relationship and find out the person is a nutcase, has big financial difficulties or is emotionally unavailable.

Ask yourself whether you are being practical. It's not going to last if you don't have the same goals or they have traits which you don't like. They may be good looking, but don't let lust cloud your judgement and brush the negative things aside. If you want different things in life or have different goals then it's unlikely to work.

Ask yourself whether you have the same values and morals. A relationship has a better chance of surviving if the couple have the same core beliefs and values, as people's actions and decisions are based on these. Despite the saying "opposites attract", this isn't necessarily the case, and you are likely to find yourselves at loggerheads and clashing.

Ask yourself whether this is a positive thing as a relationship should make you happy, plaster a grin across your face, a glow in your cheeks and a spring in your step. It should be something that adds value to your life and be a positive thing. Don't let someone bring in negativity to your life or be negative about you.

Ask yourself whether you trust this person. While trust is something that a person earns and grows over time, it is the basic of every relationship. Do you trust this person you want to get into a relationship with? Do you feel safe with them? Do you trust that they will treat you right? Having this basic trust will allow the relationship to flourish.

周杰倫超時代演唱會 说好的幸福呢+淘汰+青花瓷+開不了口+給我一首歌的時間


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Dream Lover


高大威猛 帅气十足
思想成熟 但也偶尔小孩子气
表面看起来酷酷的 心思却很细腻
事事都想得很周到 不用我去操心
不会事事都顺着我 有主见
偶尔宠宠我 把我捧在手心
偶尔制造浪漫与惊喜 不会太无趣
会耐心教我 让我成为更好更成熟的人
明天不用早起的他 会为了我提早起床载我或陪我上班
会唠叨我一定要吃三餐 不可以饿肚子
带我吃好料 玩好玩的
偶尔闹别扭 但从来不吵架
在我生病时 逼我吃我难吃的药
虽然彼此天天都很忙碌 却不忘发短信问我吃饱了吗
见到我的家人时能做回自己 不拘束
还有很多聊不完的话题 可以让我爸爸妈妈开心的人
每当我睡到太阳晒屁股时 会骂我一声“猪”!

当然 我也有种感觉
我 遇到了 这样的一个他

寻寻觅觅这么久 我的人生也谱了很多不同的故事
不知道幸福是否可以到永远 毕竟未来无法预料
但珍惜现在 好好保护 才是最重要的
每一段感情 不管结局如何 都是一种收获

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