Monday, February 7, 2011

A game hurts a person for her lifetime

They played a game, just for the fun in short while, but whatever they did could hurt a person forever. I could not imagine it. They claimed themselves westernized, mature, no longer a kid, but in normal ppl's view of point, their behavior is like a kid who is still playful and never spare a thought for others. Gals, please protect yourself and dun let guys to take advantage of u, when they kissed u but not loving u, what's the point to be so happy abt it? Do u really think U r that charming and pretty? It's too silly.

Forgive me if I say something harshly, cuz u will never know how painful and hurt is my heart, and such wound will always in my heart, will not recover anymore. U guys might think conservative is childish, but ur behavior is much more childish than us. Think maturely, what have u done in your life? do u plan for ur future?

I wish I do not see those gals anymore who were playing Truth or Dare that night, and for guys also. I really disappointed in u all. I need some time to get over it.

My really damn playful... no matter how i tolerate and give in, he will do worse than what he did b4.. this time i gave warning, cuz i have my dignity. If he do second time, then i'll get out of his life. No more being frens, no more talking, no more meeting each other though I love him so much. Before u doing, think, u rather choose to let me leave u forever, or u choose to have fun just for a while with the gals u dun have feelings at all. I have to let him know the importance and seriousness of this matter.

Something cannot be played randomly just for the sake of ur satisfaction in a short while. U have spoilt ur image and betrayed the trust I give to u. Just imagine ur another half did it to u, what do u think?

Guys and Gals, dun do it just for the sake of fun, think, when u doing it, how many ppl is shedding tears and crying for few days and night, how many ppl get hurt, how many couples broke up just for ur childish behavior, how many ppl can get over it?

I hate u all... U all make my life sucks.. Give me some time to get over it.

To my bf... no more second chance.. and pls forgive me to write it here, i like to blog abt my emotion. Think before u doing anything. Be a mature man.


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