Friday, July 22, 2011


Today I received a call from a job agency.
Her attitude is really jialat!
"What job are u currently looking for? HR? If u wanna do HR you must have a diploma in HRM u know? Your degree is chemistry, what area do u want to go? Hospital can or not? Healthcare? I don't think so ler, yours is chemistry ler.. Huh? Admin? Admin is for O Level, u r over-qualified u know! Lab Tech also cannot la, lab tech is for diploma or ITE holder ler, the salary must be below 2000, u r over-qualified! u study chemistry ar? what job can u do ar? u can do what ar?"
She sounds like my degree is useless!
"What can you do ar?" If I know what can I do then what's the point for you to be a job agent? Idiot!
Even if I know what industry I prefer to go but the world is cruel, it doesn't mean that I can definitely get what I want...
People might say as long as u know what u want, fight for it and u will definitely get it! I agreed at the 1st place, but now I think all of these are shits.
I am really quite demotivated now.
I have a local university degree, but I am Malaysian, I am not a SPR so ended up my qualification is still the same as foreigner?
What's wrong with Malaysian? Idiot, you will definitely be a successful man if you can speak English very well? So what? Idiot like shit, when your attitude is bad like hell, you are just a shit to me, you mean nothing!
I have been trying so hard, not only me actually, there are so many Malaysian friends with NUS Science degree hard to get a job currently.
If u study science, u must be a scientist meh?
If u study Design, u must be a designer?
All are just nonsense!

I know shedding tears will not help anything.
But i was too angry and depressed just now right after I hang up the phone.
I hate the feeling of being looked down by locals.
Well, I know there are still some locals nice to foreigners.

I think I just stick to my previous plan bah.
It's not the right time to change line right now or aim for my dream job.
Dream is always unrealistic.
I think I just simply do a job with lower starting pay and teach tuition to earn for my monthly rent.
After working for few years, as long as I am a S pass holder, I can apply for SPR anytime, it's just whether I can successfully obtain it, it'll depend on luck and also the interview bah.

Other friends also have to start paying the tuition fee loan for about 17000.
But I have to pay almost their doubles!
I have study loan and computer loan also.
It'll be $31100 in total!!
and the interest is 4.8%!GG!
How could I survive with such heavy debts!

I dun think I can save money for my future plan now.
I have to settle for my own financial problem such as monthly rent, tuition fee loan, study loan, computer loan, living fees, electricity and water fees, internet fees, etc.
It's hard to survive in a foreign country.
Well I could only complain here without bothering anyone.
Job! I need a job!!


Chocolynne said...

Yea i agree that dream is always unrealistic.. accept every thing that comes into your way, tackle it even when you are discouraged, and hold your values tight. you are a strong and capable one. no thing will work out before you start trying.. i am sure you will be a success! :) ♥

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