Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Cranky Me

Sometimes I really envy others
Although many things can not be compared
But recently there have been a very strong feeling
I wish I could like a normal person
But not everything can be arbitrary
Must think of the consequences and also many, many concerns

Do not know if I'm too sensitive
Do not know whether it is the little things
I think I can easily upset recently
Maybe I compare the present and past
In fact, it seems no big thing
But always felt something was lacking

Entered the work phase
Lifestyle has changed
Everyone has their own busy
We must always work until we grow old
Now grown up
I feel the world has changed

When a person becomes busy
He/She will become bad-tempered
Is that true?
I only know that when I busy
I feel depressed
I feel not enough time
There are many things that endless

There are many things to do
No time to think so much
I can only tell myself constantly
Efforts should be made continuously
I must focus on career
And plan for the future


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