Monday, August 1, 2011

How to go through this stressful period?

Today is a sucky day to me!
I was so dumb!
How could I take bus from opposite direction to Toa Pah Yoh
then I have to take the same bus again from Toa Pah Yoh and back to my house in Jurong East!
I wasted 3 hours for the bus journey! 3 hours! I can go to KL already!

Then this morning I went for interview
When I wanted to go bk home, I walked to the back of the company
I tot there was a bus stop with shorter distance
BUT ended up i spent half an hour to walk back to the same bus stop!
AND i was walking under freaking hot sun!
I was sweaty and frustrated!

Hais! I'm unlucky recently!
Why ler? I also duno!
I really think that I shud get an Iphone
It's damn useful especially for me this kind of blur queen who dun have sense of direction!
If I have Iphone, i can check where I am and where is the nearest bus stop/MRT etc.
I can check whether I am walking on the right path too.
AND I can play some games when I am waiting or whatever.
BUT MONEY is the main issue!
I still have to earn money and save it for buying an Iphone...
and also paying the debts

On the way from Toa Pah Yoh back to my house,
I had a deep thought.
SIGH... Maybe I am good in hiding my inner feelings?
Otherwise how come most of the time ppl cannot tell how depress I am
Well There are always some friends and family concern about me
I am grateful and also have some lucks as I have such a wonderful family

Family become my mentally support.
Sometimes I really feel like giving up
Give up every thing, give up myself and even my life
But whenever come across these issues,
I would think of my lovely family.
After that I'll have motivation to move on

Most of my friends have found their jobs
They all started to busy with their career life
What am I doing? Why I'm still jobless?
I finally understand why there is someone told me he also went through this kind of tough period and it's good when there is another person accompany him went through it and he was seriously appreciate it

Well sometimes I might have some wild thinking
but it just crossed my mind for a few seconds
cuz I know it's wrong to do that
I admit I really need money urgently!
But I'm glad that I'm still rational

Hais I hate thinking and troubling over the same issue everyday
It's tiring!
However I could only say good luck to myself once again


♥Hiroko-chan♥ said...
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♥Hiroko-chan♥ said...

Jiayou! Never give up, sister.

Everytime you made mistakes, you learn something new right?

So remember, the time you spent is never wasted.
Thanks GOD because when the time you make a mistake, nothing urgent is coming up =)

I was once losing my way at the highway for 2 hours.
I was supposed to go to Jusco, but end up almost going to KL! Haha. Since then I have a phobia towards that route.
But after that I try to explore the same route again because it's the need for work.
Now, I never go wrong. =)

Let's work out on our sense of direction together. Don't rely on the stupid device. Quote from my mum. XD

Oh ya, I think 99% I will be going KL.
Will miss you =(

Jiayou lor, Never give up =) Cheerz

cH33_m31 said...

Hurhur! U r going to KL? When?!!! Let's meet up again babe!
Ya..well recently quite stressful over the money issue la..and also frenship.. Luckily that I still have u as my precious one. Im gonna miss u ler..

♥Hiroko-chan♥ said...

haha. no worry. guess i will come home quite often.
Will still stick to my family although my mum try so hard to get rid of me from the home! Hahaha...

cH33_m31 said...

It's good when u come bk must contact me ok! dun forget me hor~and when shall we celebrate 10th year anniversary?

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