Friday, November 11, 2011

Should I give up?

"Aiyah Malaysian hor come singapore to earn singapore money then keep changing job one..."
"your English so terrible, success? haha this is Singapore must be able to speak English only can make a success ok, if you can not speak good English like us, you'll never be able to make a success in your life"
"why don't you go back to your own country and work?"
"3 years bond? haha..dun care lah, nobody will care one, just go back to your country"
"how long have u been looking for a job? why still haven't got a job? must be nobody wanna hire you lah..."
"don't be so arrogant..don't always make assumption..if you cannot make profit for company, why shud we hire you? we dun need someone who is liable.."
"Ask a question!" then I ask lor.. you know what he answered me?
"I dunno! ask another one." he gave me a super irritating look when he said he dunno...damn it! then i asked lor.
he said "I don't want to answer this." F*** off lah!
he keeps repeating this for 15 mins... dun wanna answer me then why did he ask me to ask a question in the first place?
I am proud to be a Malaysian! so? you tot i like to suffer in your country?
I have 3 years bond to your government.. who gonna pay my debt? you ar? f**ker!
"why dun you join your fren's company?Must be they dun want to hire u la..haha"
laugh what? very funny meh?
Your English very good meh..SINGLISH also ma..
you can earn money so have such a poor personality!
I know I dun have ability to earn money.. but at least I am not that inhuman as you
and please stop staring at me with your disgusting eyes!
I told him "I dun have any questions to ask anymore as I dun feel like joining your company and earn money for you!"
today super sien lah... when I came back, I just locked myself up in my room and cry out loud.
Im not fragile, it's just I really beh tahan lah..I have to do stg to vent my anger.


clairine said...
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clairine said...

2 choice you can have.
1) come back malaysia.
2) continue what u going to do in singapore & make a revenge ,fuck them back when u sucess.

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