Thursday, October 27, 2011

I hate to be an adult

I hate getting the lives of adults, I became more and more resistant to the lives of adults

Perhaps someone right, working life is so terrible

If we are busy every day and even no time to send messages to each other...

Even a message of "Have you eaten?" also got no time to send then our life is how horrible

We are like robots, our lives are controlled by work and money

No passion, no time to love, not even have our own private spaces

We lose that impulse to want to embrace the lover

Get up to go to work every day and then go home after work done

Doing our own thing and then sleep, repeating the same life every day...

Sometimes I wonder what is the reason people live? what is the meaning of living?

For an example, when the other party suddenly issued the invitation of dating to me

I will feel happy over this trivial matter and then immediately prepare everything for the short date

But the next second I saw his message that he got appointment with clients suddenly

I instantly felt disappointed and upset...

But I know as his partner, I should be understanding, be more mature too

It's just that his working hour is TOO flexible and abnormal

This is the adult's life

BUT I prefer to be a child


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