Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Don't Let Insecurity Ruin The Beauty You Were Born With.

Recently, I'd set this picture as my desktop background as my daily self-reminder.
Ariel, you must stop doing soul-searching only but not taking any actions.
You must set a target for yourself in order to improve yourself to become a better woman for your man. He is worth for you to do so, isn't he?
I have faith in him but I lack of self-confidence. I always think highly of others but not of myself.
He is very capable in his career and always possess a positive mindset.
He is attractive as well and I know there are many butterflies around him.
Honestly, I feel insecure sometimes but also quite proud of myself because he's been loyal to me.
You proved my decision is right. :)

Though sometimes I force you to act cute with me but you never said NO :)
You poor thing. LOL
Well, I like the way you look noob.
I like the photos you edited for me and emailed to me.
I like the emails you wrote to me and I still remember every single words you mentioned in the emails.
I also hope we would love each other till we grow old.
Maintaining a relationship is not an easy task for anyone in this world.
I believe true love and my sincerity could change me to be a better woman for you...
and you will always be there for me, aren't you?

I always clear that there is not only love is important in my life.
Family, friendship and career are always my priorities too.
I hope I can balance everything well and also work hard for my own future.
I must try to think positively and be more optimistic.
There is a long way to go...
Jiayou Ariel! You can do it! ^_^


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