Saturday, September 15, 2012


Yesterday I visited a friend at her condo, we went to gym together.
She chatted with me and gave me some advices.
After that we went for groceries shopping with her bf tgt.
When I walked halfway, my slippers spoilt.
Her bf was very nice, let me wore his slippers and he walked on feet.
She was very happy that her bf is a kind and good person.
After groceries shopping, 3 of us cooked together.
Both of them good at cooking, though they bickered sometimes,
but to me, they are a sweet couple.
How I wish I could also find my true love.
A guy who willing to cook with his loved one, is really a wonderful man.
QiuPing, congrats! You have found a nice man, cherish him.

After the meal, I went back alone around 10pm ++.
Waited bus alone, listened to the musics in my phone alone, and felt the loneliness once again.
寂寞寂寞就好。Yes, I always console myself with this.
I can stand with my loneliness, I don't mind doing things alone, I can be independent.
It's just I don't like the feeling of losing something important in my life, and now it's with someone else.
It makes me even more lonely when I am alone.

I have been trying hard to occupy my time fully.
I don't wish to have extra time to remember those sweet memories.
And also the mistakes that both of us done.
He was wrong, but so do I. I also did something regretful and unforgivable.
Well, I really wish to move on... but how?


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