Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Did I make the right decision?

Finally, I have made the decision which I should make it earlier.
I do not know whether such decision is good for both of us
But I can be sure that
we will definitely can't even be friends anymore
if I drag it even longer
I thought I will always be the one who love him more than he does
I thought he will always be the one
who decide whether our r/s can carry on
But I was wrong
Sometimes, a person will get tired after sacrificed
and done too much for a r/s
Both of us had changed a lot for each other
I will thank him...
If not him, there won't be such a better me writing my thoughts here
If not him, I would never knew
what is so-called to be considerate and mature
I'll never regret to be together with him =)
Well, I still not sure whether we will patch up in the future
Cuz I believe nothing is predictable
I would never knew I will end up being together with whom
But I must get used to a single life
I do not worry that I have to be independent
I just worry I will be lonely
I must learn how not to be lonely while being alone =)
I don't know whether I made the right decision
or doing the right thing
Well, I hope I could find my way back to a normal life
I want to be happy and blessful
Friends, yes, thanks goodness that I possess u all in my life
Thanks for being there whenever I down
or encountered any setbacks
I'll cherish u all more than I did each time
Love u all <3
I wish I could graduate smoothly this semester
No regrets anymore in my life!
Aikss... I must study hard
Pupu, u also must jiayou k?
Hmm... focus more on your career first
Put aside all other personal affairs
I hope I can do the same too
We jiayou together^_^
Keep in touch!


Chocolynne said...

It's a wise decision dear. Life goes on as usual. You may find yourself happier and easier. Stay cheer =))

clairine said...

stay strong my dear XD

cH33_m31 said...

Hopefully I have made a wise decision.

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