Wednesday, April 13, 2011


We chatted just now. It's amazing!
We talked like friends.. or maybe like family...
We shared the problems and updated everything to each other

After both of us back to single life.
It's a relief for us.
He says he feels no burden, more freedom and enjoy to be single.
There are many girls start to treat him nice and show interests.
He said.
I feel there is a potential girl. LOL. But of course.
It takes time. No matter how.
I bless him. Hope he can be happy regardless ending up together with whom.
It does not concern me anymore. I could just be his listener and so does him.

We are almost in the same state!
It's just I am unlucky? cause he is not staying in hall.
No ppl would gossip about it and I truly feels that both of us are fine.
Less sadness when we broke up as compared to before. Why?
Since the people in hall so kepoh, like to gossip. Then why not just get the answer from me here?
Let me tell you.

After the incident happened during CNY, I'd lost almost all the faith and efforts I'd put into this relationship
Don't ask me what had happened, I don't feel like to recall those miserable memories.
If you noticed my changes, or if u really concerned about me.
You would find out my changes after CNY, in February.
After that month, my mindset changed to "higher level". LOL
I start clubbing, interacting with more friends, hanging out with girlfriends etc...
I wanna make my life busier and more happening so that I could forgot those hurtful memories.
I cried... alone in my room... in front of my buddy, and also during webcam with my baby hooiyee...
As my close friends, do u know about it? None of you.
Most of you only judge book by its cover.
It's not a trivial matter if that matter could change me within 2 months.
Well, I lost faith, I know we must come to an end.

Frankly speaking, I was timid. I don't wanna get hurt.
So we dragged... till both of us know it's the right time to let go
till I know that's a must-do decision, and the outcome is very obvious..
So that both of us won't be that upset as compared to separate when both of us still not get ready yet.
Well, I believe that both of us handle it well.
So we are good friends now. We could share our problems.
No flirting, not complicated at all, purely friends.

I shared with him the problem I encountered recently.
He is right. Do not care about how others think cuz they don't know what's going on between us. They know nothing and we don't have the obligation to convince them.

Wah...I wrote too much lar! Stupid blogger me.. lolx..
Tmrw i will get back to mug session!!


Chocolynne said...

Great to hear that... Your past relationship was a healthy one :)

cH33_m31 said...

ya im happy over it too!

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