Saturday, April 16, 2011

My First Experience of Ice Skating!

I am so happy! Yesterday I went for ice skating! That's my first try ever! LOL.
I was so scared as I worried I would fall down T_T
But I decided that I must learn it even if I fall down and embarrass myself.

Hehe... Finally I wore the shoes and got ready for my first experience of ice skating.
I was so noob! Only start learning it when I am 23 T_T Old lady!
I was sooooooo nervous!!! woohooo~~~!!

Even the small kids are more pro than me T_____T
I fell down umpteen times! But I never gave up! ^__^
I kept on trying! ^__^

This little kid is very cute!!
He kept pretending to fall down and even licked the ice on the ground!
Haha! It's dirty but he did not seem to care about it at all @_@
He is adorable! <3<3<3

Yay!! You see! I can stand on the ice!
LOL! And I could really ice skate though sometimes I still cannot balance myself on the ice. LOL.
It's an awesome experience and memory I've gained! ^_^
I am proud of myself. Hehehe. 开心最重要 ^__^


Chocolynne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chocolynne said...

Wow did u get bruises everywhere? lol...
Between, i like your top~

cH33_m31 said...

hehe i bought it long time ago! i like it too!
yalor got a big bruise on my butt T__T

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