Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Penny for My Thoughts

I feel myself sooooooo useless
I did try my best!
But the life here is damn stressed!
I must survive!

Others are soooo busy..busy busy busy everyday
I feel my life lack of something
but I can't think of it when I am jobless right?
can't! can't request so much!

Must be I got plenty of time
so my thinking starts to run wild

Well people, you are right.
I feel bored when I were alone
Aren't you the same?

I don't like to tell... to say out
Cuz if I do this, I feel myself repeat the kid's behavior again
again again and again...
I did it twice in front of him ady
no more, pls! No more!

Hais I can stay focus.. Will I?
I can be strong... Can I?

Well I hope I can be firm.
But guys, I know that...
Guys tend to request their gals to be more understanding...improve themselves...this and that
Well I remember I told someone about it before...
"I can become the person you hope for..I can give u plenty of time,can ignore you,can feel nothing when you don't have time to accompany me.. But that will be the day when I'm not longer loving you...Then I can do it naturally without making myself suffer and endure..."

In the meanwhile, I can improve myself..
Nope! It's..I MUST improve myself.
No one can guarantee what will happen in the future...

A reminder for myself: Don't fall in love with someone DEEPLY before he/she loves you. Commit it when he/she ready to marry you.


clairine said...

correct ! but sometimes its quite hard !!! and the feelings is damn lonely.. >< but still have to stay strong thats the hard part. =(


cH33_m31 said...

true! when u come bk?? lets clubbing!

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